Prime MU Season 16

Implementing time: After this week CS

Update Log:

- Fixed occasional game client close upon use use of Sword Blow skill

- Fixed visual issues while teleporting with mounts

- Fixed muuns hide for anti-lag plugin

- Fixed certain mixes allowed to put not allowed item directly from equipped items

- Fixed Dark Spirit attack of invincible buff holders

- Fixed reconnect may switch to incorrect channel

- Fixed Personal Store withdrawal of improper jewels amount

- Fixed Haste/Burst Strengthener skills not working

- Added New Year monsters event, with random Ruud ranging from 1 - 500 Ruud per monster, catch them out!

- Added Element Symbol system, you need to hunt one each of Fire Symbol, Wind Symbol, Earth Symbol, Water Symbol, and Darkness Symbol to exchange Element Box from Lahap at Elbeland for Elemental Capsule.