Prime MU Season 16

Hello Dear Players!

We are excited to announce that we have been working hard on an update.
As a thank you to all players we are making a donation promotion! More details below!

We have fixed numerous bugs which have been reported, and we have made some quality of life improvements to the game.

3D Camera system is now available on all Sub Servers.
- F6 to Turn On/Off
- F7 to Reset Camera to Default
- F8 to Hide User Interface
- Hold Shift and Move Mouse to rotate the screen.
- Mouse Scroll to Zoom Out

Update Log:
- Market Server has been limited to 1 connection per hardware ID. This is to prevent one person from taking up multiple slots in events like Blood Castle.
- Fixed Search for Character in Party Matching list not working correctly.
- Fixed Monster Invasion Event system issues
- Fixed minimum character level to create specific character class not working properly
- Fixed corrupted Errtels coming as a result of event item bags reward
- Fixed steel armour skill of Slayer not working
- Fixed upgrade mix of Ice Dragon does not properly detect the options count of the input item
- Fixed 380 item options lost after-sale in Personal Store
- Fixed Weakness Strengthener tooltip description
- Antihack and Security Updates
- Certain Attacking sockets have been nerfed. 
- Punish enabled in PVP. 
- Changes to goblin point rewards and respawn times for Elite Monsters. 

As a thank you for your continued gameplay we are making a promotion for all donations!

Until 02/03/2021 (2nd March) 12PM Server Time:

All donations will be automatically rewarded with +25% FREE WCoins! 

Larger Donations will receive a special bonus!

Donation 50 USD+ 

FO Socket Necklace +LVL 10 Seeds.


Donation 100 USD+ 

FO Socket Necklace +LVL 10 Seeds.
FO MAX Wings 4TH for any Class (except Gun Crusher)


Donation 200 USD+ 

FO Socket Necklace + LVL 10 Seeds
FO MAX Wings 4TH for any Class (except Gun Crusher)
ANY SOCKET SET +15 + LVL 10 Seeds




Please send us a message on Facebook to claim your bonus item